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mercredi 10 octobre 2012


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Land Theft & Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Restriction of Movement / Apartheid & Occupation / Refugees

Israel takes pride in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouin villages

Happy that their theft of the West Bank has succeeded, right-wing Israelis are turning their sights on the Negev.

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New Palestinian Nakba in Umm Al-Hieran village in the Negev

Tension prevailed throughout Umm al-Hieran village in the Negev desert, in southern 1948-occupied Palestine, following the Israeli decision to expel the village’s residents.
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Israel razed 19 Palestinian homes in two months

The Israeli occupation authorities razed 19 Palestinian homes in the past two months of August and September, Together against Settlement society said in a statement on Tuesday.
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Israeli barrier threatens unique Palestinian village :

locals Palestinians living in the West Bank’s Batir village say Israel’s plan to construct its security barrier across its lands threatens the ancient system of agriculture traditionally practiced by the farmers of the area. The route of the barrier is still to be finalized, but if it is built along the valley floor, parallel to the railway as villagers fear, it will cut off Batir village from much of its agricultural land, and villagers say it will destroy a way of life they have lived for millennia. For more than 2000 years, the village has farmed using a traditional irrigation system that villagers fear will be destroyed if the barrier is built. They say they will lose their income and lands forever. “It is a tragedy for all farmers and all the residents of Batir village. Most of the residents are farmers and depend on these green lands. They depend on farming the Batir eggplant which is famous in the Palestinian lands. Also we have other vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, and pepper," Farmer Maher al-Harbouq said.
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Beersheba mosque conflict reaches Facebook

Controversial mosque, court ordered to operate as museum and not place of worship, draws thousands for prayer, protest, via Facebook
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Zionist settlers chainsaw Palestinians olive trees
Settlers armed with chainsaws cut down at least 120 olive trees belonging to Palestinian residents of a West Bank town, the International Middle East Media Center reported this morning. Witnesses said Zionist settlers from the illegal settlement of Aliyea destroyed the trees belonging to 12 farmers in the village of Qaryout, just south of Nablus. Settlers and soldiers routinely destroy Palestinian olive orchards, often using tractors to uproot this vital source of livelihood. Attacks on olive orchards are most common in the early fall as harvest season begins. Today marks the first day of harvest season for Palestinians.
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Settlers Cut Dozens Of Olive Trees Near Nablus
Local sources reported that a group of armed extremist settlers of the Aliyea illegal settlement cut dozens of Olive trees that belong to residents of Qaryout village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.
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No olives for the Ja`asra family - because of two army mistakes in one week (video)
On 6 October 2012 the Ja`asra family, Women, men and children went for their Olive harvest on their own land, Tarqumiya, west to Hebron. After an early attempt that week which ended in expelling and tear gas by IDF, their lawyer from the RHR (Rabbis for Human Rights) legal team contacted the civil administration head officer of the area, to make sure it wouldn`t happen again. His response "it was a mistake (the expulsion), they can come and harvest". He was notified they would, on Saturday.

Occupation stops Jerusalemite pilgrims from leaving for Mecca
Local sources in occupied Jerusalem reported on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces prevented a number of Jerusalemite pilgrims from traveling through al-Krama Bridge.
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A campaign to raise issue of Palestinian detainees in Iraq
Palestinian Prisoner’s Committee launched a broad campaign to follow up the issue of Palestinian prisoners held in Iraqi prisons, after the aggravation of their suffering.
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Israeli / Egyptian / American Siege on Gaza

Gaza-based human rights worker prevented from entering U.S. (Updated)
Raji Sourani, director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, was denied a U.S. visa to enter the country in order to participate in the tribunal, according to various speakers at the recently-concluded event. The Gaza-born Sourani was scheduled to speak on “the case of Gaza” as it relates to the role the United Nations plays in obstructing the self-determination of Palestinians, which was one of the themes of the tribunal.
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Madi : CEPR is determined to break the siege on Gaza
The Director of the Council for European Palestinian Relations (CEPR), Dr Arafat Madi, confirmed that the European position towards the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip has become clear.
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Official : Gaza date bars to be exported to West Bank
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Date bars produced in the Gaza Strip are set to be shipped to the West Bank on Tuesday as Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom crossing after closing it for a Jewish holiday, a Gaza official said. Crossing official Raed Fattouh told Ma’an that three truckloads of date bars produced in Gaza would be transferred to the West Bank under the supervision of the United Nations World Food Programme. The biscuits are destined for vulnerable children in the West Bank who receive food support from the UN program.
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Wheelchair-bound photographer documents life in Gaza
Ma`an - Freelance photographer Moamen Qreiqea, 25, lost both his legs in an Israeli air strike in 2008 while taking pictures east of Gaza. The father of two, from Gaza City, is determined to continue his career despite his disability (see photo by fellow-photographer Suhaib Salem).
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Israeli Terrorism

IOF officer threatens new war on Gaza
A senior commander in the Israeli occupation army has said that a new war on the Gaza Strip was “inevitable”.
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Israeli chopper attack on Rafah
Israeli helicopter gunships raided an area to the east of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, on Monday morning, local sources said.
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Ten Palestinians half of them children wounded in Israeli air raid
Ten Palestinian citizens including five children were wounded afternoon Sunday in an Israeli air raid that targeted a motorbike in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, sources said.
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Medical source : 4 wounded including a child in Israel’s attack on Khan Younis
Four Palestinians including a child suffered different wounds in the Israeli artillery attacks east of Khan Younis in Gaza on Monday morning.
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Palestinian wounded, Mosques damaged in new Israeli attacks on Gaza
Violent Israeli artillery attacks on populated areas east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip has rendered one Palestinian civilian wounded and caused damage to two Mosques and a water tank.
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Israeli assaults on Al-Aqsa Mosque increase
On the 43rd anniversary of the arson attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque by an Israeli extremist, Al-Quds International Institution has issued a report detailing the increasing number of Israeli assaults against the Noble Sanctuary. Observers believe that are all part of Israel’s "Judaisation" programme for the Holy City and Islamic religious sites. The report, which covers the year to 21 August 2012, shows a clear increase in the scale of Judaisation activities. So much so that the Institution says that the situation needs national, regional and international action to stop Israeli aggression against Al-Aqsa and the city of Jerusalem.
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More than a hundred Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa esplanade
Dozens of Jewish settlers stormed the holy Aqsa mosque at noon Tuesday amidst heavy police escort.
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Escalation of Israeli violations against holy sites last week
A Palestinian official report reported that Israeli violations against the Islamic and Christian religious sanctities in the occupied Palestinian territories have escalated during the past week.
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Occupation surrounds 15 young people in al-Aqsa mosque
Tensions still prevailed in al-Aqsa mosque, where the IOF arrested on Sunday morning Alaa Haddad, a member of the Jerusalem Prisoners’ Families Committee as he entered the mosque yards.
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1 Palestinian Man Assassinated, Another Wounded
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the assassination, on Sunday, 07 October 2012, of 1 Palestinian man and the severe injury of another. 8 civilian bystanders, including 4 children and 1 woman, were also wounded in the attack.
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Al-Tur residents resist raid on school
Israeli forces shocked residents in Al-Tur on Thursday when a raid on Shamile school was attempted. Students, staff and residents mobilized quickly to protect the school, with a call issued from the mosque’s speakers rallying the people of Al-Tur to hold back the armed forces. Israeli forces launched the raid claiming that school students had thrown stones at them from the street. Horse-mounted police and undercover units surrounded the school, locking its gates. A student’s mother told Silwanic that : “We ran to the school as soon as we heard the call from the loudspeaker. When we arrived, we saw them locking the main gate to the school, while on the other side a unit was attempting to break the gate.” A 19-year old university student was searched and arrested by police, who attempted to strip-searched him in public. Residents managed to stop the search by surrounding the police with cameras. Israeli police issued traffic fines to over 20 vehicles parked in the school car park, several of them belonging to teachers. The Parents Committee announced a strike across Municipality schools in response to the attempted raid. The raid is the most recent in a targeting of schools and their students, who are often searched, physically assaulted or arrested by Israeli forces on the way too and from class. Last week a guard at the girls school of Al-Tur was stopped by police and denied access to the school before being arrested. He was detained for one day then sentenced to a week of house arrest and ordered to pay a fine. Two students were also attacked and threatened with arrest by Israeli forces earlier in the day.
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Man from Beit Ommar Shot on His Way to Work
Israeli occupation forces dressed in civilian clothes where chasing a Palestinian, Sakhr Husain al-Alami, and shot him as he tried to go to work in Gilo, an Israeli colony about 4 p.m. on Monday, October 8th. The 26 year old Palestinian from Beit Ommar was shot by undercover soldiers with live ammunition while he was on his way to work, wounding his left arm says Ahmed Abu Hashem. Al-Alami was taken to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital where his injuries were described as medium severe.
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WATCH : IDF fires tear gas at olive harvesters in West Bank
On Saturday, Palestinian families in the Judean Hills found themselves subject to state violence yet again, this time in the form of a tear gas attack. Their crime : harvesting olives on their land.
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Child Who Was Violently Attacked By Israel Police Released
Last Friday, several Israeli policemen, in full riot gear, violently attacked and punched a Palestinian child from Jerusalem and kidnapped him. The child was released Tuesday and was placed under house arrest. VIDEO ATTACHED.
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Palestinian man injured in settlers’ attack
Jewish settlers threw rocks on a Palestinian man in his car south of Al-Khalil on Tuesday injuring him in his chest.
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Illegal Arrests

Soldiers Kidnap Wife Of Political Prisoner In Hebron
Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Tuesday at dawn, the wife of detainee Mohammad Atiyya Abu Warda, after breaking into her home in Al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank.
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Four Fishermen Arrested and a Fishing Boat Confiscated
Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and is concerned about the escalation of these violations, which have resulted in the arrest of four fishermen and the confiscation of a fishing boat belonging to a fisherman from the Gaza Strip.
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IOF rounds up four Palestinians
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) nabbed four Palestinians in a number of West Bank areas at dawn Tuesday, the Israeli radio said.
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Other Prisoner News

Palestinian threatens to resume hunger strike
Samer Barq plans to resume his hunger strike if Israel does not release him from jail to Egypt as agreed in September, his lawyer said Tuesday. Palestinian prisoners society lawyer Jawad Bulus visited Barq in Ramleh prison clinic on Monday. Barq ended his strike on September 23 after learning Egypt and Israel had agreed he would be transferred from jail into exile in Egypt, Bulus said. He had been on hunger strike for 125 days, his second strike this year.
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Detained hunger strikers in serious condition
A Palestinian human rights group has warned that two Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in Israeli jails were in serious condition.
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Health crises for Sharawna, Issawi demand urgent action
On Monday 8th October, Lawyers of Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees affairs, Fadi Obeidat and Rami al-Alami said that the health condition of the two hunger strike prisoners is very critical and calls for immediate and quick intervention to save their lives. The two lawyers who visited the two prisoners in Nafha and al-Ramlah Israeli prisons that the prisoners are in Coma and general weakness and they suffer from weight loss and dizziness. The lawyer Rami al-Alami said that the prisoner Samir al-Issawi suffers from dizziness, permanent headache and several chronic diseases and he refuses to take vitamins, he only takes water and salt. The prisons’ service refuses to transfer him to al-Ramlah medical center for treatment.
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Abbas al-Sayed : next stage will witness escalation in Israeli jails
Prisoner and Hamas leader Abbas al-Sayed confirmed the prisoners’ determination to achieve their demands, in light of the occupation’s violation of the agreement.
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Haj urges Fatah to participate actively in protest steps in Israeli jails
Hamas official Abdulbasit Al-Haj called on Fatah faction to necessarily form a unified leading movement of their own in Israeli jails to participate in protest activities held by prisoners.
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Protests / Solidarity / Activism / BDS

Workers in West Bank’s universities will start strikes
Workers at universities in the West Bank announced their intention to adopt escalatory steps, including strikes, if Salam Fayyad’s government does not meet their demands.
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Activist : Pro-Palestinian boat en route to Gaza
A boat carrying pro-Palestinian advocates from eight countries is en route to Gaza in the latest attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade on the coastal territory, an activist on board said Tuesday.
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US complicit in Israeli crimes : Palestine tribunal
The United States is guilty of aiding and abetting Israel’s criminal acts against Palestinians in flagrant violation of a host of international laws, a special tribunal commissioned to investigate the issue announced during a press conference Monday. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, which held its fourth session over the weekend in New York accused the US of “complicity” in Israel’s violent repression of Palestinians since the end of World War II. “The Tribunal finds that Israel’s ongoing colonial settlement expansion, its racial separatist policies, as well as its violent militarism would not be possible without the United States’ economic, military, and diplomatic support,” a draft report of findings reads.
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Shehadeh : World Social Forum – Free Palestine a turning point for international solidarity with Palestine
A press conference to launch the World Social Forum-Free Palestine, which will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, took place in Jerusalem to officially announce the launch of preparations in Jerusalem, including writer Rasim Obeidat, Subhi Zughair of civil society in Palestine ’48, Father Attallah Hannah, Archbishop of Sebastia, and Comrade Omar Shehadeh, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The WSF-Free Palestine will convene in Porto Alegre on November 28, 2012.
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Rachel Corrie’s parents accept LennonOno peace grant from Yoko Ono on behalf of their daughter, Ali Abunimah
“Rachel would be greatly surprised and humbled by this recognition,” Cindy Corrie said from Reykjavik.
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Religious leaders call on U.S. Congress to rethink military aid to Israel
In letter to Congress, Christian leaders say it is their ’moral responsibility’ to question continuing U.S. assistance to Israel ; Jewish groups criticize the move.
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Evangelical Lutheran Church calls for US inquest into human rights violations in Israel, and some Jewish groups are outraged, Annie Robbins
Wow, this is an exciting press release from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States, with 4.2 million members in 10,000 congregations across the 50 states and in the Caribbean region.
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Israeli Racism

Israelis chant racist slogans in Lod march
Participants in a massive Israeli march in the city of Lod, occupied in 1948, on Monday chanted racist slogans against Arabs.
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Political Developments / Other News

Unidentified Drone Shatters Israel’s Dome
Hezbollah has neither confirmed nor denied Tel Aviv’s accusations that the Resistance movement is behind the launch of a spy drone over Israeli territory, which flew for hours over Israeli military bases and facilities. This came just two days after Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, asserted that Israel was the most powerful country in the region.These claims coming from Israel are not likely to ever be confirmed by the Lebanese side. This is the rule usually followed by Hezbollah, whether it was indeed behind the drone or not. All indications in Israel are that the unmanned reconnaissance plane started its flight from Lebanon, with the aim of gathering information on sensitive military sites in Israel. This came just two days after Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, asserted that Israel was the most powerful country in the region. He said that Israel is prepared for any scenario that might emerge in the north, adding that there is nothing to fear.
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IDF Failure Allows Hezbollah-Iranian Drone to Overfly Israeli Cities, Military Bases, Richard Silverstein
The IDF displayed yet another embarrassing failure in defending the homeland yesterday regarding the Iranian drone launched under the auspices of Hezbollah from Lebanon. Yediot’s Alex Fishman, one of the few forthright Israeli defense reporters notes (print only) that the aerial vehicle was allowed to fly over Israeli airspace for 20 minutes before it was downed. If you take into account IDF spokesperson Avital Leibovich’s claim that the army was tracking the drone for 20 minutes, that means it hadn’t a clue about the drone until it crossed into Israeli airspace. Imagine the most advanced army in the Middle East cannot track a slow-moving drone launched from Lebanon and flown for a long distance over the Mediterranean. Among the Israeli sites it overflew were population centers and military bases. It was only 18 miles (he calls it “spitting distance”) from Dimona when it was felled. Several years ago, a Hezbollah balloon flew directly over Dimona before it too was shot down. Note that this is supposed to be restricted airspace.
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Iran military official : Drone incursion shows Israel is vulnerable
Claims that Iran made the unmanned aircraft the IAF shot down on Saturday are spin by Israel, claims Jamaluddin Aberoumand - without confirming or denying whether it’s true.
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IOF deploys Patriot missiles in Haifa
A Patriot missile battery was deployed in the city of Haifa in the northern occupied Palestinian territories on Monday, two days after an unmanned aircraft breached occupation’s airspace.
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Egyptian tourism sources affirm Shalit visit to Sinai
The declared plan of an Israeli tourism agency to organize package tours to Sinai with one of them including former Israeli captive Gilad Shalit was a kind of tourism marketing.
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Israeli lawmaker : Obama is no friend of Israel
A lawmaker from the Israeli prime minister’s party is in the United States ahead of the presidential election and has said that President Barack Obama has "not been a friend of Israel."
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Israelis continue to support war criminals : Netanyahu stands unchallenged in Israel’s political landscape
Netanyahu excelled at maintaining the status quo on the political and security fronts, but the domestic front represents his biggest failure.
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Palestinians propose peace talks after UN vote
The Palestinian president appears to be backing away from his longstanding demand for Israel to halt West Bank settlement construction before peace talks resume.
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Palestinian Authority considers suing Lieberman
The Palestinian Authority (PA) is giving serious consideration to suing Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, through American, Israeli and European lawyers. A spokesperson for the PA and PLO announced that legal advisers are mulling over a lawsuit regarding Lieberman’s repeated statements in which he incites people against, and threatens the life of, PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
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Budgets for PLO factions have been frozen
The Palestinian leadership and Ministry of Finance have frozen the budgets of all of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s factions, led by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Funds allocated to the PFLP were stopped in June, claimed Palestinian sources. According to the Sama news agency, the Secretary General of the Palestinian People’s Party, Bassam Al-Salhi, said that the National Fund did not transfer all of the money due to the groups as approved by the PLO over the past month. Al-Salhi said that the main reason, from the viewpoint of the People’s Party, is the difference arising between the financial and economic policy adopted by the Palestinian Authority and the involvement of the national factions in the protests against PA policies in the occupied Palestinian territories last month.
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’Gaza hackers’ breach national theater’s website
Individuals claiming to be from Gaza Strip hack, shut down Habima National Theater’s website
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Sa’adat : Congratulations to Chavez and the Venezuelan people on their electoral victory
Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, sent a message to re-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, congratulating him for his success in the presidential elections and historically significant victory. Sa’adat expressed confidence that the defense of freedom, real dignity, and the values of social justice, indigenous rights, and the high level of development of a democratic social and political culture of the Venezuelan people is the key to the continued victory of President Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution in the march of national sovereignty, true independence, and social progress on the road to socialism in Venezuela.
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Abu Teir : PA promises to pre-Oslo prisoners are false
Mohammed Abu Teir, MP and a liberated prisoner deported from Jerusalem, considered the PA promises to release prisoners detained before Oslo agreement as false.
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