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Un candidat à l’élection présidentielle maltraité à un check-point

jeudi 9 décembre 2004

Une fois de plus, la parole des autorités israéliennes est contredite par les faits. De deux choses l’une : ou le Gouvernement israélien donne des instructions qui ne sont plus suivies par l’armée, ou il déclare officielement faciliter les élections et donne officieusement des instructions contraires à ses déclarations.

Ha’aretz, December 8, 2004
By Reuter

RAMALLAH - A candidate for the chairmanship of the Palestinian Authority accused Israeli troops on Wednesday of detaining him during a West Bank campaign trip and beating him at gunpoint.

Israeli military sources said Mustafa Barghouti and his entourage had refused to submit to a routine security check of their vehicle at an army checkpoint outside the city of Jenin.
Barghouti, an independent running in the Jan. 9 elections to succeed Yasser Arafat, told Reuters he had intervened after troops scuffled with his aides and bodyguards.

« I identified myself as a politician, but was struck with rifles and pinned to the ground, » Barghouti said, adding that he was detained for more than an hour and later treated for bruises. « This is deliberate sabotage against the elections. »

Israel is under international pressure to allow candidates and voters to travel freely ahead of the vote — the first since 1996. Barghouti is one of 10 candidates running to replace Arafat, who died on Nov. 11.

A military source said that Barghouti had not informed the checkpoint that he would be coming through, as required by the army. The source had no immediate comment on the charge that troops had used physical violence against Barghouti and his entourage.