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Latest settler attacks on Salem/Dir-El-Hatav

samedi 14 mai 2005

From David Nir, 13-5-05
Report about the latest settler attacks on Salem/Dir-El-Hatav

1. Yesterday morning (May 12) at around 9:00 AM, and elderly man from Salem (aged about 70) , was alone plowing with his donkey his olive plantation located about 300 meters East of the road leading to the settlement Elon More (and about 600 meters from Salem), was attacked by 5 settlers who kicked and slammed him all over the body, and finally broke his arm by smashing it with a large rock. Another elderly man from Salem passing by summoned the villagers for help. He is presently hospitalized in El-Raphidia hospital in Nablus.
The army began to investigate.

2. Yesterday afternoon a group of settlers from Elon-More set afire olive groves of Salem, the fire consumed about 18 acres. The IDF soldiers who were summoned tried to help contain the fire, however with little success. The damage could have been reduced if Firemen from the major settlement town of Ariel would not have refused to arrive. The Nablus fire-fighting resources (that soly combated the fire) were insufficient. The Palestinians are certain that the soldiers could identify the settlers.

Later that afternoon the settlers set afire olive trees of Dir-El-Hatav, but the fire was contained quickly with the help of the army.