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Palestinian youth demonstrated in Ramallah’s Al-Manara square

Dimanche, 8 mai 2011 - 7h11 AM

dimanche 8 mai 2011


Published Friday 06/05/2011 (updated) 07/05/2011 11:19 RAMALLAH (Ma’an) —

Palestinian youth demonstrated in Ramallah’s Al-Manara square on Monday to celebrate national unity and call for elections.

Following the signing of a reconciliation agreement by Hamas and Fatah in Cairo last week, protesters rallied to pressure leaders to implement the deal.

Palestinian youth held mass protests in Gaza and the West Bank on March 15, calling for an end to the division. Demonstrators held hunger strikes and camped out in public squares demanding unity and elections for the Palestinian National Council.

The March 15 movement raised Palestinian flags in Ramallah on Friday to celebrate the unity deal.

But youth leaders said the signing of the agreement was only the first step toward national unity, and reiterated the movement’s demand for a democratically elected Palestinian National Council, voted for by all Palestinians including those inside Israel and in the diaspora.

March 15 representative Hassan Karaja urged Palestinian youth to demand the freedom of all Palestinian soil.

Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar said ending the division was a Palestinian demand. She said revolutions across the region, particularly in Egypt and Syria, and the youth movement in the West Bank and Gaza had huge effects in achieving reconciliation.

She added that the failure of negotiations with Israel and US attempts to blackmail the Palestinian leadership had also pushed Palestinian factions to unite.