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Mise en garde et sinistre bilan

Préparation d’un paravent pour dissimuler les exactions

Un isolement mortel pour une démocratie de pacotille

vendredi 23 juin 2006

Dear All,

Palestinians Killed and Injured during June

From June 1-June 21, the “most moral army in the world” murdered 46 Palestinians, and injured 157. During the entire period of 21 days, only 5 scattered through these are without either killings or injuries. On the other side of the scale, several days stand out as red letter days-when the IOF painted Palestine (mainly Gaza) in blood : June 9, with 11 killed, 28 injured ; June 13 with 11 slaughtered, 37 injured ; June 19 with 3 killed and 16 injured ; June 21 with 3 killed, 18 injured. Bravo “the most moral army in the world !”
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Prospective Deportations

And now, the “most democratic country in the Middle East” is going to deny entry into the country of anyone who disagrees with its policies ! Incredible ? No. Israel is afraid of ISM, et al. Next in Israel’s sites will be humane activists against injustice and occupation, e.g. the Anarchists Against the Wall.

We need numerous bds acts from countries and communities and church groups, and quick, to save Israelis (and Palestinians) from Israel !


Forwarded message ----------
From : Adam Keller
Date : Jun 23, 2006 5:51 PM

Expose : These are the plans made in Israel to prevent the
demonstrations against the occupation

Soon : The operation to expel the extreme left activists
Plans are being made in Israel to prevent a conference of Pro- palestinian activists next month* As part of the operation, the territory of Judea and Samaria will be closed to foreign citizens *

Demonstrators detained at road-blocks will be expelled under the procedures for foreign workers

By Ami Ben David, Ma’ariv, June 22, 2006

Preparations are underway in Israel to prevent the "Summer of Peace" event which is planned by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a pro-Palestinian organization which is active in the territories on behalf of the Palestinian population. As part of the operation, security forces will try to prevent the extreme right activists from arriving at events planned at Bil’in Village and Tel-
Rumeida [in Hebron].

The police and army are preparing for the operation of preventing the entry to Israel of activists of the International Solidarity Movement and the expulsion of activists which would manage to sneak in.

Members of the movement, from Europe and America, have become well- known in past struggles around the site where the Separation Fence was being erected, as well as barricading themselves at Arafat’s bureau in the Mukat’ah [Ramallah Presidential Compound]], at the Nativity Church [in Bethlehem] and at the side of wanted Palestinians.

In the police and the immigration and passport control authorities, preparations are made to locate activists who - to judge from past experience - might arrive singly in the country and get to the Territories by themselves. According to the plan, the army will issue a decree forbidding the entry of foreign citizens into Judea and Samaria.

Preventing the entry of the activists has been defined as a
means of preventing political subversion and involvement of movement members in acts of terrorism, and avoiding friction with Jewish settlers.

As part of the operation, all activists arriving from abroad to any border crossing will be interrogated in order to discover the purpose of their arrival. Activists who would be defined as being suspicious will be passed over to the care of the immigration administration for implementing the Removal of a Foreign Worker Procedure, which includes detention at a custody facility, a hearing and then
deportation. The names of all activists known to the police were fed into the border control computers, for their immediate location upon landing.

The International Solidarity Movement has allied itself in Israel with the Anarchists Against the Fence group. During its past activities, two of its members were killed in Rafah : Rachel Corrie, crushed by an IDF bulldozer and Tom Hurndal, shot to death. In the security system there is an apprehension that the planned activity will provoke a counter-action by right-wing activists.