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Flemish Palestine Solidarity Committee

Boycott campaign of Israeli goods.

for sanctions against Israeli occupation

Wednesday 28 December 2005

Leuven, 3 november 2005’Don’t buy fruits of occupation’
Activists take Israeli goods out of supermarket shelves,

In Flanders, Belgium, the Flemish Palestine Solidarity Committee supports the campaign for sanctions against Israeli occupation, by setting up a boycott campaign of Israeli goods.

Since Belgium is one of Israel’s biggest trading partners, a lot of Israeli goods are sold in the supermakets. Trade marks such as Jaffa and Carmel for fruit and vegetabals are well known, but also Sabra prepared mediterranean salads, Tivall vegetarian meals and Yarden wine could be found.

Recent actions took place last December, as activists took all Israeli products out of the shelves in a supermarket. At the entrance, customers could get more information about the campaign. The scope is to attract attention and raise awareness about the impact of a consumer’s boycott. If governments refuse to take their responsibility under international law and pressure Israel to stop the occupation, individuals can pressure their govenments through consumer’s behaviour. The Flemish Palestine Solidarity Committee is planning more actions in the futer, backing the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions raised by 170 Palestinian Civil Society organisations in last July.

Picture: VPK
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