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De notre partenaire britannique PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign)

Concerne prochaine flottille - Next Flottilla

Vendredi, 6 août 2010 - 7h32 AM

Friday 6 August 2010


Since the beginning of Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza, individuals across the world have come together — participating in journeys to Gaza themselves, donating and raising awareness at home, and working to persuade the government to end the siege — as an act of solidarity with the besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

With our government’s failure to end the blockade, people have been inspired to take action themselves to end the crisis, seen by the Gaza flotilla and previous land convoys. The overwhelming response to Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla has forced governments to highlight this issue and call for an end to the siege. But we are committed to pushing further to ensure that words become action, and the siege is actually ended, allowing 1.5 million Palestinians to take advantage of what we in Britain take for granted — the right to work, to decent food and clean water, to education, to health, to visit to see family and friends, and to travel.

Now is your opportunity to get involved — the chance to make decisive progress to end the siege is now better than ever before.
PSC is pleased to partner once again with Viva Palestina, who are organising their biggest ever convoy yet in an attempt to break the siege by land and sea. The London leg of the convoy will leave on September 18th, and will be joined by two others legs from Casablanca and Doha — to converge at Al-Arish.

Take part in this international effort to end the siege. You can:

1.Join the convoy: Fundraise £3500 to take part as a volunteer driver (VP will buy, own and support the vehicle and aid) or source, purchase and drive your own vehicle (pre-approval of vehicle by VP needed)

2.Fundraise for aid: Help raise money to help buy things still being denied entry into Gaza — such as construction materials.

3.Donate: you can do it online or via text — send the word ‘Cement’ to 70060 and help to buy a bag of cement.

4.Sponsor: Get your local trade union branch, faith group, school, community centre involved in raising funds or sponsoring a vehicle with logos and websites.

5.Volunteer: Help with organising logistics from the comfort of your home. Join a virtual e-space and help with aid, vehicles and fundraising logistical work prior to departure. If you have specialist skills, please get in touch.

6.Raise awareness: Remind the world that, four years later, Gaza in still under siege. Organise speaker events, send press releases to your local media, and circulate information via facebook, twitter, blogs and email.

To read more about the convoy go to: www.vivapalestina.org/vp5/intro.html
For details on how to register visit: www.vivapalestina.org/vp5/register.html