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Pratiques démoniaques d’un Etat pervers et d’une justice “à la botte” (ndlr)

“The Children of al-Hadidiya are not here any more”

by Daphne Banai - Translated by Mark Marshall

Monday 6 August 2007

Do you remember the al-Hadidiya tribe, shepherds who lived next to the Roi settlement who were evacuated from their land at the beginning of May? We went then to their place, next to the well (all the waters of which flow to the swimming pools and the green gardens of the settlements and not a drop of that water of that well, originally Palestinian, moistens the parched throats of the legal residents of the area - the Palestinians). But the place was deserted, and only a few broken toys and discarded medicines remained of what was a community of people who had lived on their lands year after year.

We did not know where they had gone and communication with the people of al-Hadidiya was cut. It emerged (from a letter that I received from Amnesty International stating that they had decided to take action on the issue of those unfortunate shepherds) that they went over nearby to a nearby tribe, about 150 metres from there, the Humseh tribe. But “he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep”* and the long arm of the army tried to evict them from there as well. The claim - a firing-zone.

Every day some diligent Hummer passes by and threatens them with arrest, fines and forcible evacuation if they remain in that place. For the most part, because of the tough conditions of the tribe they go in July-August to their regional town -Tamun, but this year they are afraid to leave, lest their wretched encampment be destroyed in their absence and they have nothing to return to.
As stated, they do not get water from the local well and they bring it from afar. This week the tanker that brings them water was confiscated at the Hamra checkpoint. Imagine the horror, the children in the photo were left in the terrible heat that envelops the Jordan Valley (compared to which Tel Aviv is Switzerland) without water!!!

you tell me: what pathological brain is capable of doing that to about 150 people including women, elderly, children and the ailing?

The Coordination and Liaison Administration confirmed to Amnesty that the tanker had been confiscated and repeated the conditions for its return.

The army is demanding NIS 4,500 in return for the tanker and of course a commitment to evacuate the area. Meanwhile members of the tribe are dying of thirst.
• Psalms 121:4

Jenin by night Aug 3 2007