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Infographie ciblée d’un massacre pleinement assumé (ndlr) Source : The Telegraph

Revealed : the Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces

Mercredi 23 juillet 2014 - 09 H 25 AM

mercredi 23 juillet 2014



By Mark Oliver, and Andrew Marszal

Since the start of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, and the ground assault on the Gaza Strip since last Thursday, at least 580 Palestinians have been killed.

Of these more than a quarter have been children.

The Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, a Gaza-based human rights organisation which works with the UN, has verified the deaths of 132 children between July 7 and July 21 via its field workers.

The above graphic gives the name, age, sex and location - as well as the date on which they were killed - of all of these.