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Une poignée d’informations « redressées » en provenance des USA.

Jeudi, 17 juillet 2014 - 8h17 AM

jeudi 17 juillet 2014



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Israel Inflicts Illegal Collective Punishment on Gaza

By Marjorie Cohn

« Israel is able to act with utter impunity because of the military, economic and political support it receives from governments around the world, »

American and Israeli War Crimes

By Margaret Kimberley

Barack Obama and his other partners in world gangsterism such as the prime ministers of Canada, the United Kingdom and other NATO countries blurt out the same lying rhetoric.

Israel Accused Of War Crimes In UK Parliament


Highlights from a UK parliamentary debate in which MPs variously accused Israel of war crimes.

Atoms For Peace And Iran Nuclear Talk
The Theatrics Continues - From Eisenhower to Obama

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

For 34 years, Washington has been engaged in covert and overt operation to overthrow the government of the Iranian people. It has been complicit in war and war crimes.

Government Repeatedly Told Us We’d Have « Blood On Our Hands »

By Elias Isquith

The former editor in chief of the New York Times says Washington often played the terrorism card to spike stories.

Border Wars in the Homeland

By Todd Miller

A Border Patrol agent forced Vermont’s senior senator Patrick Leahy from his car at a checkpoint 125 miles south of the New York State border.

The Potential Killers All Around Us

By Dave Lindorff

I’ve often wondered why so many innocent people who are shot by police end up dead.

America Is Guilty if We Don’t Prosecute Obama

By Eric Zuesse

The signs of the fascist turn of the American Government are also all around us.

Why We’re Doomed : Interest and Debt

By Charles Hugh Smith

Even if the economy were growing at a faster pace, it wouldn’t come close to offsetting the interest payments on our ever-expanding debt.

Did the Other Shoe Just Drop ?
Big Banks Hit with Monster $250 Billion Lawsuit in Housing Crisis

By Ellen Brown

When depositors open their online accounts and see that their balances have shrunk or disappeared, a run on the banks is likely.

Hard News

At least 222 Palestinians killed : ’Government murdering children with my money’ :
Israeli Jew : Ofer Neiman and a group of like-minded Israeli Jews are not only pained by the ongoing Israeli onslaught against the blockaded Gaza Strip, but also by what they describe as Israel’s « apartheid » policies against the « oppressed » Palestinian people.

Israeli kills another four children in Gaza : medics :
Six other Palestinians including four members of one family, among them a woman, 70, and two children aged 4 and 6, were killed in two Israeli air strikes in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, medics there said.

Fear grips Gaza hospital bombarded repeatedly by Israel :

The staff have appealed to international agencies for protection, and say the hospital is known to the Israeli army. But it was hit again on Tuesday night.

Arab MK Stages ’Moment of Silence’ for Gaza Dead in Knesset : Video -

MK Basel Ghattas (Balad) cause a firestorm in the Knesset Wednesday, after he staged a « moment of silence » for the « victims » of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Senate panel votes for defense bill that doubles money for Israel’s Iron Dome :

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee approved a defense spending bill on Tuesday that would provide $621.6 million for Israeli missile defense, including $351 million for the Iron Dome system .

Israel agrees to UN request for humanitarian ceasefire :

Israel on Wednesday agreed to temporarily halt its assault on Gaza after United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry called for a « humanitarian ceasefire. » The Israeli Defense Ministry said that the ceasefire was meant for Gazans to see the damage wrought by Israel in the last week and a half.

Report : Hamas, Islamic Jihad offer 10-year truce :

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have submitted a list of 10 demands to Egypt to establish a 10-year truce with Israel, the Hebrew-language daily Maariv reported Wednesday.

Abbas to meet Hamas leaders in Cairo :

Abbas « wants a ceasefire to end the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, » senior Fatah leader Nabil Shaath told a Wednesday press conference in Ramallah.

Infrastructure destruction in Gaza throws doubt on Israeli motives :
Israeli claims that its air strikes are aimed at rocket launching sites, but Gazans complain that the sorties are also targeting infrastructure ranging from fishing boats to schools

Israel buys tweets to promote Gaza escalation :
PM Netanyahu’s twitter account uses promoted tweets seeking to build support for the escalation in the Gaza Strip.