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Father Hanna slams attempts to recruit Christian Arabs in Israeli army

Mardi 13 novembre 2012 - 6 h 40 am

Tuesday 13 November 2012


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(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Father Attallah Hanna, the archbishop of Sebastia in Jerusalem, strongly denounced the Israeli army for its attempts to recruit Christian Palestinians from the 1948 occupied lands.

Father Hanna said those who participated in suspicious meetings with Israelis to encourage the Christian young men of Palestine to join the army do not represent the Palestinian Christians and their national affiliation and only represent themselves.

He stressed that the Palestinian Christians are Arabs and an essential part of the Arab nation, describing these Israeli attempts as a grave conspiracy aimed at uprooting the Christian Palestinians from their national identity.

The Israeli war ministry organized recently a meeting in Nazareth Illit city between a number of Christian clergymen and Israeli officers from the army and its intelligence to urge the Christian Arabs to join the army and fight in its ranks.

For its part, the Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands warned the Arab young men of falling into the trap of the Israeli attempts to Israelize them and create sectarian conflicts between the different spectra of the Palestinian people inside the Israeli occupied territories.

The Islamic Movement also urged the Arab political parties and movement in the 1948 occupied lands to take active role within the Arab committee against military and civil service in order to pool the efforts to confront Israel’s attempts to recruit Palestinian young men.

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