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FLOTTILLE:Dénonciation de la méprisable conspiration internationale du silence (ndlr)

Médias aux ordres prenez garde au réveil des consciences ! (ndlr)

Vendredi, 28 mai 2010 - 18h25

Friday 28 May 2010


Dear all,

1) One day before the Flotilla is scheduled to reach the waters of Gaza, and with media reports growing by the day, BBC World Service (radio) has until now chosen to totally boycott any mention of it!
(Unless I missed something, but I don’t think so... and I am unaware if they may have reported it on any of their other media.)

I have been listening to their long and short news broadcasts a few times daily for a few days, for any mention of it - and NOTHING!!

The same applies to their website. As much as I look and check under various sections, I have not seen a trace!

I would therefore like to put out a Call to everyone, to please ’bombard’ the BBC with requests to report on the Flotilla and/or express condemnation for the fact that they have not!!

Even Ban Ki Moon has now spoken out (see below), but still the BBC remains silent!

As we all know, media coverage will certainly be one of the factors which determines what action Israel will decide to take in the end. Aside from the fact that whatever happens, it is urgent for the world to follow it and become/remain aware about the Flotilla’s undertaking, whatever action Israel may use against them and in relation to the siege itself.

As one of the most important global news sources, please let’s all together try to force BBC to cover it - before the Flotilla actually approaches Gaza waters = becomes in imenent danger.

2) Another thing we can do: Try to get the Flotilla onto BBC’s live global radio discussion program: ’World Have Your Say’

Each weekday evening at 17:00 GMT BBC World Service radio has a program called: World Have Your Say.
Supposedly, it is the listeners who decide the topic(s) which are to be discussed -with live global participation- depending on what topic(s) is/are suggested on the related page of their website, and which get(s) the most reactions.

So if everyone can go to the webpage and suggest the Flotilla as the topic of discussion and/or add comments if it appears on the page (in the top right hand corner above each suggested topic you can see how many reactions there have been, and compare that to other suggested topics) maybe we can get it live on air!
(It’s a one hour program, divided into 2 parts with a short news-break in between)

Anyone can suggest a topic or add a comment to a topic already posted on the webage.
At 09:00 (GMT) the BBC team discusses all the proposals and decides which ones to post.
They hold the right to reject any proposal, however, if enough people suggest a topic there is a good chance it could get posted.

So hopefully many of us can suggest the Flotilla as a topic for tomorrow, and add a comment IF it appears on the webpage tomorrow morning, in the hope that we can also get it on the program!!

And if so, as many of us as possible should call in (collect) during the program (or e-mail/SMS beforehand with a phone nr. + the message ’call me’) in order to speak on air.

This is the link to suggest a topic, with all the necessary instructions + info about the process.

3) 2 Other BBC articles - although not in relation to the Flotilla:

- Two Israeli Arabs charged with spying for Hezbollah
Amir Makhoul and Omar Sayid confessed that they passed information about Israeli bases to the Lebanese militant and political group, the charges say.

(Although quite biased)

- Q&A: Israeli Arabs
About 20% of Israel’s population are of Palestinian Arab descent...
Who are the Israeli Arabs?

(Not so bad given BBC’s record)

4) Further: Ban Ki Moon speaks out (somewhat)!
(Although void of any ’real meat’ or content, the fact THAT he even mentions it, is of course significant!)
Tensions rise over Gaza aid fleet

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