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FLASH d’information de 15h sur situation du convoi “Viva Palestina”.

Malgré la véritable persécution des autorités egyptiennes, l’essentiel du convoi devrait parvenir à Gaza.

Mercredi, 6 janvier 2010 - 15h04

Wednesday 6 January 2010


Pendant ces interminables heures d’attente à El Arish, de trés importantes manifestations se déroulent dans la Zone de Gaza pour protester contre le comportement du gouvernement egyptien qui depuis plus d’une semaine maintenant s’ingénie à empêcher le convoi d’arriver à Gaza.

Il est probable que les effets de la Marche sur Gaza de la fin d’année 2009, les trés graves incidents entre forces egyptiennes et les participants à Viva Palestine et la construction egypto-israélo-etatsunienne du mur d’acier entre l’Egypte et la zone de Gaza, avec en plus une partielle supervision de spécialistes français, laisseront des traces indélébiles et aux effets imprévisibles dans l’opinion publique egyptienne et plus globalement dans celle du monde arabe.

La Coordination de l’Appel de Strasbourg.


2pm: ever closer…

Galloway challenged in open convoy mtg to resign leadership!

Delivered food ration to 7 of our prisioners.

Waiting for them to be let out of truck so they can defecate!–

Briefing by Galloway.

“We will now proceed to Gaza”. 1.5mil ppl in Gaza praying for our arrival; were watching us for 5 hrs on news.

Galloway says EGY releasing detainees, will come with us to Gaza.

But EGY has forced convoy 59 vehicles behind tho not the same 59 listed yesterday.

The vehicles that not going Gaza will be taken by TURs to be given to PLE refugee camps in LEB and SYR.

This decision is to avoid giving To Israel as EGY asked to do yesterday.

Of the 59, 43 are those bought by USAs as specifically requested by doctors in Gaza + pickups, 4×4s

All other vehicles [more than 150 + aid] will enter Gaza.

Those whose vehicles not allowed will travel with group to Gaza by bus.

Convoy allowed to stay in Gaza for 48 hours.

Last night 55 reported injuries on convoy side. Those taken to hospital are now back with us.Galloway said he is proud of those who fought back last night. Am not interested in poli speeches so this is it from me on the morn brief.

We’ve been told we’ll have 48 hours in Gaza, but negs still ongoing about how many of our vehicles we can take in.