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Enough ! Ya basta ! Ca suffit ! (ndlr)

“It is time to say enough”

by Gilad Atzmon - Vendredi, 6 février 2009 - 7h 09 AM

Friday 6 February 2009



Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli -born leading professional jazz musician, composer and writer evaluated Israel’s Gaza carnage and Erdogan-Peres clash in Davos for TIMETURK.


It was rather encouraging to see PM Erdogan standing up for a humanist cause in Davos. But it didn’t really take me by complete surprise. Once again it has been proven that as far humanity and ethics are concerned, Islam and Muslim leaders are at the forefront together with only very few decent popular leaders such as Chavez and Morales.

At the end of the day, it was PM Erdogan who opened his mouth and told the world leaders present that which they should have grasped on their own a long time ago. While Western leaders kept silent about Israeli war crimes, it was PM Erdogan who stood up for the truth, telling President Peres that his hands were soaking with children’s blood. ‘You are raising your voice Mr Peres because you are submerged with guilt.’ I may as well note that unlike PM Erdogan, I myself wouldn’t count on President Peres’ conscience. The old man has spent the best part of his adult life amongst the leading policy makers of a racist state. His name is intrinsically linked with numerous massacres. As if this is not enough, Peres was also leading figure behind the notorious Israeli WMD project. I guess that if there is any humanity in Peres, it must be very well hidden indeed.

For years it has become clear that the Palestinian people have been facing almost alone the most devastating form of state terrorism. And yet, in spite of the crimes against humanity repeatedly conducted by the Jewish state, whether it was ethnic cleansing, massacres, land confiscation, or even just racist laws, the Western world kept silent. It always kept silent. Absolutely nothing had been done to stop American and Western support of the Jewish state. Nothing had been done to halt the constant flow of weapons and lethal ammunition from America to Israel. Nothing had been done to curtail the devastating influence of Jewish political lobbies in Western capitals. Time after time we have been watching American-made F16 planes decorated with Star of David dropping bombs on innocent civilians. Yet, not a single Western state leader had the elementary ethical integrity to stand up and say, NO more, enough is enough.

I know very well, it is not easy to support the Palestinian people. As much as we support their cause, their right of return and their struggle for liberation, empathic feelings of solidarity with Palestinians had over and over again been shattered very successfully by Israeli and Jewish well financed and dedicated pressure groups.

For decades we have been terrorized by institutional Jewish political lobbies. Politicians are intimidated on a regular basis but it goes further. As bizarre as it may sound, in the solidarity movement we hardly hear the voice of any major leading intellectuals, poets, artists or academics. It is not that artists and academics fail to support the Palestinian cause. Quite the opposite, every ethical person on the planet supports the Palestinians, yet, everyone who expresses support of Palestinians’ rights is immediately bullied into submission by a bunch of relentless Zionist operators. For many years, Jewish lobbies have been pretty effective in silencing and targeting any form of criticism of Israel by labeling it as anti-Semitic.

However, the tide is rapidly turning. Israel’s latest spectacle of brutality in Gaza had a very big impact indeed. It had left no room for doubt: to save what is left of humanity and the notion of humanism is to save the Palestinians from Israeli cruelty. Every humanist agrees that Israel must be stopped. Its military and political leadership must be brought to justice. Its military destructive capacity must be reduced to zero. Unfortunately we cannot count on Western leaders. They have all failed all the way through. PM Erdogan however, has managed to plant a glimpse of hope in our bleeding hearts.

Saving all of us from the display of Israeli brutality is not an option anymore. It is an urgent necessity. As much as it will save the lives of Palestinians, as much it will save our young children from the sight of Biblical carnage in its making, dismantling Israel power is also a necessary move that will save the Israelis from themselves and their proven lethal inclinations. It may also save world Jewry of the grave disaster Israel is set to bring on them unless they are stopped.

There is not much time on our side. According to some polls http://news.hosuronline.com/NewsD.asp?DAT_ID=722 94% of the Israelis supported the attack in Gaza. 92% supported the air raids against Palestinians. As we can discern, there is no force in Israel that can stop this deadly enthusiasm. The Israelis cannot save themselves from themselves. For the sake of world peace we must confront them using every possible measure within our disposal to bring them towards an elementary humane understanding and ethical awareness.

I am deeply grateful for the words of PM Erdogan, and like millions around the world who have shown their approval of his actions at Davos, I am grateful for his ethical stance.