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Saturday 28 June 2008

Failed attempts 28/06/08

[Il faut prendre quelques minutes et cliquer sur « Comments », en bas de page : on y trouve une leçon de choses qui montre, par un exemple concret, comment le sionisme est un aliment de choix pour les néo-nazis...]

June 27, 2008 at 8:58 am (ADL Hatemongering, AIPAC, Blogging, Censorship, DesertPeace Editorial, Extremism, Free Speech, Google Attacks, Internet, Internet Security, Israel, Palestine, zionist harassment)

“This site was hacked into due to its blatantly anti-Zionist contents. Israel is not interested in people like you who are burdens on the process of proper decision-making in the government. If you oppose what you call the ‘Israeli occupation’ then there’s no place for you here.”

The above is what was found on a number of Websites yesterday. All sites in question were able to remove the filth posted by the hackers. Once again attempts to silence the truth have failed.

Inspiration for such actions come from similar actions initiated by Google, Blogspot, Daily Kos and Wikipidia. Unlike the mantra of the Professor which is ‘Publish or Perish’, their’s seems to be ‘Criticise and perish.’

Yesterday, only moments after my Associate, Uruknet, crossposted THIS, they too were hacked and for a number of hours were unable to post anything until their engineers rectified the situation.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened said yesterday that ‘Servers in Israel, for one example, have been trying to brute-force their way into my servers these last few days.’ In the recent past, his site as well was successfully hacked.

Other recent examples of sites censored (not the same as hacking) by Blogspot or Google are:
• A Mother From Gaza
• An Arab Woman Blues
• Axis of Logic
• Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order News
• DesertPeace
• DictatorshipWatch.com
• PeacePalestine
• Uruknet

Kos started their censorship by first going after non Palestinians who spoke out for their rights. Shortly afterwards they silenced the Palestinians themselves…. but only on their site…. NOTHING OR NO ONE CAN SILENCE US!

Going through lists of my visitors on the sitemeter I found many return visits from the offices of AIPAC, the ADL, various US and Israeli Government offices, and of course, last but not least, local zionists.
The above might find the contents of my Blog objectionable. BUT, even more objectionable is the fact that what I write about is the truth.
I am prepared at this point in time to ’strike a deal’ with those who are not pleased with my Blog…. if the following conditions are met I will no longer write about anything political, but will concentrate on gardening and raising birds…. here are the conditions that must be met….

1. The occupation of Palestine by the zionists MUST END IMMEDIATELY.

2. The wall of apartheid MUST BE TAKEN DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

3. The siege on Gaza and the continuing holocaust MUST END IMMEDIATELY.

4. The genocidal practices against the Palestinian people as a whole MUST END IMMEDIATELY.

5. An independent STATE OF PALESTINE MUST BE DECLARED IMMEDIATELY, led by the government chosen by the Palestinian people.

If ALL of the above can be agreed to IMMEDIATELY, my Blog becomes history…. if not, I’ll be here for a long time to come, as will all of my Associates and friends.