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Friday 22 October 2004

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A call on Israeli Soldiers to stop war crimes

We, German peace and human rights activists, call upon Israeli soldiers to
do all in their might to stop war crimes against Palestinians and help to
look for ways for just peace.

We know from the history of our own country what dangers await a society
that loses its moral standards.

There is an urgent need for more radical action to stop ongoing and ever
escalating Israeli war crimes. They endanger the whole population of

Israeli soldiers with a conscience can stop the dangerous and immoral
process that continues in their country. We call on them to find new ways to
interfere with the efforts of the Israeli army to commit these crimes.

Today, in the computer age, there are possibilities of active resistance
that have actually not existed until now. High dependence on IT systems
makes the Israeli army very vulnerable to interference from within. Certain
members of the armed forces have to have access and know their way around.
They can and should prevent crimes!

Flagrantly illegal orders not only should be disobeyed but their
implementation should also be prevented!

This insight was demonstrated by the military intelligence officer who
prevented the implementation of an order that targeted innocent Palestinians

This is an appeal to Israeli soldiers to fulfil their moral duty to prevent
war crimes!