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Un gouvernement composé de criminels et de bourreaux (ndlr)

Plans to kidnap or Assassinate A. Bishara

They pointed that several plans are being studied to finish him the most imported of which is to arrange for his assassination!!!

Thursday 3 January 2008

Israeli Internet News Site “Roter”:

And he mocks the plans!!!

As usual Zionist governmental authorities when they fail to silence the opposition to its criminal, non-democratic and racial acts they refer to one of two “solutions”, either assassination or kidnapping and several life time imprisonment.

Israeli internet news site said that Israeli intelligence organizations suggested to the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, a detailed plan to kidnap ex Arab Knesset member, Azmi Bishara, and bring him to the law court, as being accused of spying for Hezbollah during the "Second Lebanon War’, namely when Zionist forces tried to invade Lebanon after the kidnapping of two Zionist soldiers, inside occupied Palestine.

The site pointed out that these Israeli sources said that kidnapping Bishara, being an “Israeli citizen”, would not cause an international problem, on the basis that he is wanted for a crime he committed against the country he carries its citizenship. The sources added that Olmert rejected the plan and he prefers to handle Bishara’s case out of Israeli territories. They pointed that several plans are being studied to finish him the most imported of which is to arrange for his assassination!!!

Commenting on the site’s report, M.K. Jamal Zahalkah, member of Bishara’s coalition, said that it is not impossible that Israel shall plan to kidnap Bishara or even assassinate him, if we take into consideration the grate hate that Israeli political and security organizations have for Azmi Bishara… Israeli was mad because of its failure to liquidate him; through the voluminous security file it built against him, and thus shall never leave it alive.

Zahalkah added that Bishara refused to surrender himself to them in order to liquidate him, thus they are looking for other means to avenge from him; so it is clear that the absurd and silly details that are being propagated are being utilized to justify the crime they plan to commit against Bishara, and added “we warn any body that thinks of such means against a leader and thinker of the status of Bishara”.

On the other end Bishara mocked the Zionist plans in an interview with the American funded radio station Sawa while on a visit in Qatar. Bishara said that he took notice of the news that was relayed by international news agencies. He stressed that he is not worried about himself, and shall not attempt to change his life stile while he is worried about the deteriorating living conditions of the 1948 Palestinian Arabs (The 1,300,000.- Palestinian Arabs who remained in occupied Palestine).
Bishara added that he is not worried while traveling around in Arab countries, and added,: I am the son of the Arab nation, and I don’t consider myself a guest on it, and there is nothing to convince me that any Arab will allow Israel to commit a crime against me, and I never received a cautioning from any Arab country, requesting me not to visit it on the basis of the Zionist threats."

The Zionist entity that claims to be the only democracy in the “Middle East!!!” is searching for a way to assassinate a man that was democratically elected to the membership of its house of representatives. A man that represents the indigenous population of occupied Palestine.

Adib S. Kawar
Based on M.E.N. news agency
Dec. 31, 2007 & January 1st, 2008