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Que va faire la France face à l’arrivée d’un criminel de guerre sur son territoire ? (ndlr)

No holidays in Europe for Israeli war criminals. URGENT !

Par Michael Warschawski - Alternative International Center

vendredi 7 décembre 2007

Message transmis par le reseau des femmes en noir....

Israeli minister of Internal security and, previously, boss of the Israeli
Security Services (ISS) Avi Dichter
, is a courageous man, at least as long as he was dealing with the interrogation of hand-cough Palestinian detainees. A man with a lot of blood on his hands. He is much less courageous when confronted with the possibility of being arrested by the British police.

On his way to Great Britain, Dichter was informed that he may be arrested for inquiry about war crimes he is suspected of, while he was the head of the ISS, and he decided that it was saver to stay home. This is not the first time an Israeli security official has been obliged to cancel his visit to Great Britain, thanks to the awareness of the British solidarity movement and a group of lawyers, led by Attorney Daniel Machover. In September 2005, General Doron Almog was obliged to stay in the plane that brought him to London, after he was informed that there was an arrest order against him for the assassination of Palestinian leader Salah Sh’hadeh and other crimes ; on February 2006, general

Aviv Kokhavi canceled his studies in Great Britain because he was informed that he may be arrested for War Crimes while he was serving as a senior officer in the occupied territories. Before the British incidents, Ariel Sharon had to postpone a visit to Belgium, for the same reasons. In Britain, a citizen, and not only the State prosecution, can file a complaint an obtain an arrest order for suspected war criminals. This is why there are more and more Israeli generals and security officials who have to erase London from their travel programs, whether for a lecture, as Dichter, or for studies as Kokhavi.

Thank you Daniel for reminding our leaders that in our world there should be no impunity, and that war criminals may have, sooner or later, to pay for their violations of human rights and international law. Thank you my British and Belgian comrades for obliging more and more Israeli suspected war criminals to feel un-welcomed outside the borders of their country, where they have to stay in a kind of house-arrest. These criminals don’t have to complain too much, for they still have the possibility to spend their holidays in the Marshal Islands and Micronesia, and, of course, in the United States.

Another war-criminal is going to leave the country : former chief of staff,
lieutenant general Moshe Yaalon, is coming next week to France. Needless to describe the blood he has on his hands. I urge the French solidarity movement to follow the example of the British and Belgian solidarity movements, to open the necessary procedures enabling to arrest him when he will land in Charles de Gaulle airport and to put him in trial, if there are enough evidences about his responsibility in such war crimes. The Alternative Information Center is, of course, ready to provide all the material necessary to be sure that justice will be done.

Michael Warschawski

Alternative Information Center