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De nos partenaires britanniques PSC - Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

End Israeli occupation - End the siege on Gaza - Respect Palestinian democracy

For a listing of all events on Palestine in the UK please visit the PSC website: www.palestinecampaign.org

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is working with trade unions, Christian Aid, World Vision, charities and faith organisations to lobby parliament for a change in British government policy.

Join with us and call on your MP to: support international law, end the siege of Gaza and respect Palestinian democracy.

Lobby of Parliament

Wed 28 November
2-6pm Westminster, London

Followed by a Public Meeting at 7pm

End Israeli occupation and support international law

Israel must end its continuing expansion of settlements on occupied Palestinian land and dismantle existing settlements, with currently 500,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The route of the Apartheid Wall is effectively annexing 10% of the West Bank to Israel, leaving 12% of Palestinians between the Green Line and the wall, including 200,000 in East Jerusalem alone. Together with Israel’s plans for the Jordan Valley, and the land illegally taken by Israeli settlements, some 47% of the West Bank will be annexed.

- Our government must insist that Israel ends its occupation immediately, and abide by UN resolutions and international humanitarian law.

- Our government must respect the International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the illegal wall in the West Bank and Jerusalem and hold Israel to account.

End the siege on Gaza

Palestinians are suffering a living nightmare - under siege in Gaza, with the Israeli government controlling borders, limiting the flow of food and medicine, and even voting to cut off electricity and power to the 1.5 million that are living there.

- Our government must end the economic and political isolation of Gaza immediately. 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza are suffering a humanitarian disaster with 87% of Gazans living below the poverty line.

Respect Palestinian democracy

British government actions have not contributed to securing justice and peace but instead created greater problems for and amongst the Palestinian people.

- Our government must respect the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the right to choose who represents them.

- Our government should act on the advice of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee: ‘we recommend that the government urge President Abbas to come to a negotiated settlement with Hamas with a view to re-establishing a national unity Government across the Occupied Palestinian Territories’.

- Our government must call for the release of all illegally held elected representatives and political prisoners, especially children.

To lobby your MP:

Firstly, contact your MP as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with them on Wednesday 28 November. If you don’t know who your MP is, go to www.faxyourmp.com or phone 020 7219 3000. Briefly explain to your MP what you would like to speak to them about.

Secondly, please let us know when you have an appointment with your MP so we can co-ordinate with other people in the same constituency.

Even if you do not manage to contact your MP in advance, you can still try to meet them on the day - just come along to the lobby and ask for a ‘green card’ which you then fill in to request that your MP meets you.

We will be able to brief you on how to lobby your MP in the House of Commons on the lobby day.

When you have an appointment with your MP, please let us know:


020 7700 6192



For a listing of all events on Palestine in the UK please visit the PSC website: www.palestinecampaign.org


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