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Merci de relayer cet appel de nos amis anglais, décidèment les plus actifs des actifs.

Ask your MP to sign the EDM below before this Wednesday the 25th of July!

Very urgent

Monday 23 July 2007

Please urgently write or phone your MP to sign up to EDM 1841 before lunchtime on Wednesday the 25th of July as Parliament will break up for the summer. There are now 90 MPs who have signed this EDM, please make sure that your MP signs it too.

Richard Burden has tabled EDM 1841:


That this House welcomes the release unharmed of Alan Johnston from captivity in Gaza; pays tribute to his integrity and courage, to the dignity shown by his parents throughout their ordeal, to Alan’s friends and colleagues at the BBC for pursuing every avenue they could to secure Alan’s release, to Foreign Office staff for their efforts, to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have expressed their support for Alan and to the Palestinians themselves; notes particularly that Alan Johnston himself has acknowledged the pivotal role played by Hamas in condemning the kidnapping and securing his release; believes that this shows why the international community’s support for Mahmoud Abbas as the legitimate President of Palestine should not preclude contact with Hamas, why the Quartet should support the reconciliation between different Palestinian parties that will be crucial to a successful peace process between Israel and Palestine and why this is further evidence that peace results from discussions between enemies as well as friends.

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