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From The Freedom Theatre, Jenin Refugee Camp

Worldwide call on all theatre people and artists

Please widely dispatch

Sunday 22 April 2007

Following the killing of three resistance fighters of Jenin
Refugee Camp, Ahmad Alesi 25, Abas Adamge 21, Mahmoud Abu Jalil 23,

The Freedom Theatre has cancelled the performance of a Spanish
theatre group, scheduled to perform in Jenin Camp as part of the
theatre festival arranged by Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah. The theatre
will close its doors for three days of mourning and protest.

We cannot confront this tragedy behaving as if nothing
happened. The daily killings, the army’s nightly raids, the broken
cries of babies and mothers leave no doubt in our hearts that this is
a cruel journey of murder and destruction by the Israeli Army,
intended to drive the young people of the camp to acts of suicide
attacks and despair.

We call on all theatre people and artists worldwide to raise
their voices and cry out against these executions of the people of
Jenin Refugee Camp.