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G4S forced to announce pull-out from Israel’s prison system

Mercredi, 18 juin 2014 - 7h35 AM

Wednesday 18 June 2014



Gesendet: Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014 um 17:49 Uhr

Von: "Palestinian BDS National Committee"

An: bnc-announce

Betreff: - EU bans some exports from illegal Israeli settlements

BDS News

Welcome to BDS News, the BDSmovement.net newsletter published by the Palestinian BDS National Committee, a broad coalition of Palestinian organisations that leads and supports the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

TAKE ACTION: Join the Month Against the Apartheid Wall #StopImpunity

At a month from the the 10th anniversary of the decision of the International Court of Justice, solidarity campaign, social movements and civil society organizations from all over the world are preparing actions and initiatives.

Groups from over 20 countries from all five continents are mobilizing for media initiatives, street action, conferences and other forms of protests and awareness raising activities. Be part of the momentum and contact icj10@stopthewall.org for information or to let us know about your activities.

“Elbit out of Brazil!” – Protests in Porto Alegre target the Israeli military company

Trade unionists, students and solidarity activists in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil have been holding blockades and occupations to demand an end to the presence of Israeli military company Elbit Systems in Brazil

EU bans poultry exports from illegal Israeli settlements

The EU has informed Israel that it cannot accept the Israeli Agriculture Ministry’s authority to certify products in Israeli settlements, which are illegally built in the occupied Palestinian territory, and therefore Israel is not allowed to export poultry and eggs from illegal settlements to Europe.

The decision is an implementation of the EU’s July 2013 commitment not to recognise Israeli sovereignty over occupied Palestinian territory that came about following grassroots campaigning.

Major campaign success: G4S forced to announce pull-out from Israel’s prison system as BDS pressure plunges company into crisis

British security company G4S has announced that it will stop providing services and equipment to Israeli prisons at which Palestinians are held without trial and subjected to torture.

G4S was forced to make the announcement at a protest-hitshareholders meeting after the Bill Gates Foundation completely divested its $170m stake in G4S as a result of a huge international campaign and the UK goverment opened an investigation into the company’s contracts with Israel.

The company had already lost millions of dollars worth of contracts as a result of BDS campaigning. On Thursday, it was announced that the US United Methodist Church was divesting its funds from the company.

However, Palestinian organisations have argued that the company has a track record of making empty promises and have called for thecampaign against G4S to conitnue until it completely ends its role in Israel’s prison system, military checkpoints and other apartheid infrastructure.

Report: Germany cancels military subsidy deal with Israel

Germany has provided billions of euros of military aid to Israel but are now refusing to help pay for new gun boats for the Israeli navy over anger and continued Israeli violations of international law, according to media reports

DePaul Divest declares victory in student campaign

US student coalition DePaul Divest declares victory in campaign calling for student support to divest from corporations that profit from human rights abuses against Palestinians

Black Students conference of UK National Union of Students endorses BDS

The annual gathering passed Motion 402: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions by an overwhelming majority

Published by the Palestinian BDS National Committee