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Italians say “No” to Israeli water thief Mekorot

Lundi, 2 juin 2014 - 8h31 AM

lundi 2 juin 2014



All over the world, people of conscience are saying “No” to cooperation with the racist Zionist regime in Israel.

The latest to speak out are the people of Rome, who have submitted a 25-metre-long petition to the city council against cooperation with Israeli water company Mekorot.

Mekorot is responsible for serious violations of international law. It steals water from Palestinian water sources and supplies it to Jewish squatter colonies, which are built illegally on occupied Palestinian territory.

Here’s a report we received from the Italian committees that have been organizing the protest against cooperation with the water thieves.

On Thursday 29 May, with 25 metres of signatures, the resounding “No” to Italian cooperation with Israeli water company Mekorot was taken to Rome City Hall.

The 7,114 signatures on the petition against the agreement signed between Rome’s water utility ACEA and Mekorot snaked their way through the public square, where a delegation of the Committee Against ACEA-Mekorot Cooperation and the Rome Coordination for Public Water delivered a copy to the office of mayor Ignazio Marino. The petition calls on the city of Rome, the majority shareholder in ACEA – thus far silent on the issue – to take the necessary steps to block the agreement signed by the two companies.

Romans delivered to the city authorities a 25-metre-long petition against the Israeli water thief Mekorot

Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, is responsible for serious violations of international law. The company extracts water illegally from Palestinian water sources, in turn providing the stolen water to Israeli settlements built illegally in the occupied Palestinian territory, which could not exist without Mekorot. An artificial water shortage that concerns only the Palestinian people has been created by Israeli policies, implemented by Mekorot, while abundant water supplies flow to the swimming pools, lawns and intensive agriculture of the Israeli settlements. The Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq refers to this as “water apartheid”, and organizations such as Amnesty International have stated that the purpose of these policies is to expel the Palestinians from their land.

On the Campidoglio Square in front of City Hall, where the movement for the right to housing was also protesting, activists noted that while the ACEA denies the fundamental right to water with cutoffs for those unable to pay their water bill, the company is now looking to go into business with those stealing water in Palestine in order to turn a profit on a common good.

Beyond Rome and Italy, the signatures on the petition also came from more than 60 countries around the world, including Israel. Just days prior, on 25 May, a letter from Israeli citizens was sent to the City of Rome and ACEA demanding that all cooperation with Mekorot cease immediately.

Protests will continue on 5 June 5 at 10:00 a.m. during the ACEA annual shareholders meeting, where activists working to defend the fundamental right to water, from Rome to Palestine, will reaffirm, in addition to the calls for an end to the agreement with Mekorot, that there is no room for profits and private speculation on water, and its management must be public.

Committee Against ACEA-Mekorot Cooperation
Rome Coordination for Public Water

Thank you, people of Rome. The truth will out and, with your help, it will be sooner rather than later.