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People’s global Artistic Campaign 2005-2015

Campaign ’’We are not accessories ! I refuse to be a part of it ! ’’

Publié le dimanche 21 janvier 2007.

What is the campaign 2005-2015 "We are not accessories ! I refuse to be a part of it !" ?

This campaign calls each of us to create, share and display strong messages on walls, clothes, posters, screens and radio waves, in public and in media spaces. The aim is to create the artistic, cultural and universal decade that will successfully oppose militarism, colonialism, economic domination and oppression here and elsewhere.

Any person committed to freedom and justice for himself and for others is called upon to relay and promote this campaign, whether by independent and personal actions or in coordination with us all.
The aim is to overturn and bypass the universal censorship practices of the publicity and media industries and to allow the voices to be heard wherever possible and for as long as necessary of groups and individuals who refuse to be accomplices to barbarism.

Any person or organisation who fully subscribes to these terms and conditions is invited to act as a relay and an actor of the Campaign by freely calling on his/her own creative capabilities as well as those of his/her environment. There is no right of ownership on such productions from the initiators of the Campaign.

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